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Pro Shoppe

Whether its a Bow Tune Up, New Bow Setup, Installation, Arrow Setup, 

or any other Archery related service, we have your back with over 100 years of combined trained Bow Tech experience!

Standard Bow Tune Up

Setting Brace Height, Check Axle to Axle, Fix cam lean, cam timing/sync, and paper tune.

Full Bow Cleaning

Cleaning and re-greasing of all limbs, cams, limb pockets, bolts and axles. Removal of dirt, grime, grease and buildup.


Free installation for all in-store purchased accessories

Walk-ins Welcome

Arrow Rest Installation

Sight Installation

Full Bow Tune Up

Includes Standard Bow tune plus: Disassembly and Reassembly of the bow. Cleaning and waxing all of the strings and cables.


New Arrow Setup included for In-Store Purchases

Custom Sizing to your personal specs

Re-fletching Bare Shafts

Stripping, Prepping, and Re-fletching

Custom Fletching to your liking

New Bow Setup

Free w/ new bow purchase

Walk-ins Welcome

Bow tune up and proper fitting of bow.


Compound and Traditional Bow Strings

String Replacement

Custom Strings with Color Choice


Served String Loop

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